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Tetanus Vaccinations
Tetanus is a disease caused by bacteria is found in the soil. The bacteria can enter via wounds and produces toxins that interfere with muscle contractions. We recommend that all horses are vaccinated for tetanus as a minimum. This involves an initial course of two vaccinations, followed by booster vaccination every two to three years. Tetanus is an awful yet preventable disease. Please don’t subject your horse to potential risk. Additionally, Mares should have a booster a month before foaling to pass on some protection to the foal.

Equine Influenza Vaccinations. Equine influenza is an airborne virus that results in serious respiratory infection and can spread rapidly within and between groups of horses. We recommend that horses which are in proximity with or mix with other horses are vaccinated for equine influenza. Horses do not have to mix directly to catch ‘flu’, and most competitions and events require competing animals to be vaccinated.
Most horses should be vaccinated according to Jockey Club rules. This means a course of three injections with the second injection 21-92 days after the first, and the third injection 150-215 days after the second, followed by annual boosters.
Annual boosters can be given ‘early’, but under competition rules those given late by even a single day will be invalid and a full new course must be given to comply.
FEI rules require a vaccination within six months of a competition, so horses competing at this level will require boosters every six months if they compete all year round.
Please note many competitions and venues require vaccination within 6 months prior to any event.
It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure the horse’s vaccination programme complies with stated requirements.

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